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Ceramic firing kilns Customized solutions

Continuation of a traditional brand

Michael Uciechowski – ceramic kilns

Michael Uciechowski is a well-kown name in the ceramic kiln industry and is sorely missed by his customers, partners, and family following his passing at the end of the previous year, 2022. He left behind his beloved company to his family.

In search of a successor to carry on Michael Uciechowski’s business in his spirit and with high expertise, the Uciechowski family approached us, the Wendel-Tec GmbH. As specialists in industrial oven replacement parts, tools, modernizations, and kilns, we were honored to take on the task and will now continue the Uciechowski brand.

We look forward to providing a new home for his customers and continuing and developing the service surrounding ceramic kilns.

We are there for you - when it burns because the furnace is off.

And before that, of course!

Wendel-Tec GmbH

Wörpedorfer Ring 3
28879 Grasberg


P +49 (0) 42 08) 89 55 44
F +49 (0) 42 08) 89 55 46