...if it burns, when the furnace is off.


We offer you a  wide array of industrial furnaces, from  crucible furnaces over bell furnaces to top loading furnaces. Even your individual wishes come true with our custom build furnaces – Everything is possible.

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Do you need special supplies, or spare parts for your furnaces? ! You´re at the right place! WENDEL-Tec has it all, from hardening boxes over knee tongs to charging plates and much more. Everything you need!

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Our wide array of consumables (e. g. from carburizing to hardening films) stands always at disposal for you. We also offer you a fast and straightforward delivery for all our Items. Please test your services!

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Quality build heating elements and more, with short-term delivery to fair costs!

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Our abilities

New buildings 95%
Conversions 90%
Modernization 85%
Spare parts 100%
Supplies/Tools 80%
Services 90%

About us

Who we are

The WENDEL-Tec firm is your alternative distributor in the construction branch of industrial furnaces!

What we do

We offer you individual new build and high quality industrial furnaces from crucible furnaces to bell furnaces with all kind of spare parts and supplies you could need.

Why we do it

We offer you an alternative to the already existing offerings at the market with high build quality to fair costs with a comprehensive service!

Where we do it

Our Company, equally to our self constructed furnaces are to originate from our corporate headquarters in Grasberg by Bremen, Germany.