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WWENDEL-Tec offers it`s customers a wide array on spare parts, repairs, new isolations,  conversions, custom builds and whole industrial furnaces. All projects, especially custom builds, are getting adjusted to your individual wishes.
The satisfaction of our customer is very important for us. Customer service and fair costs are the first position. Also we are working hard to succeed on your quality standars. That are the reasons why we use only materials from known manufacturers. Only the high quality ensures the success of your products.



Following products can be delivered short-dated:

– Heating coils (up to ø 4,25 mm) & Taylor made heating elements
– Heating coils with connetcting ends ø 6 & 8 & 10 mm
– Ceramic tubes, different diameter and meterial (Sillimantin & Alsint)
– Ceramic busket for heating elemen connecting (with and without flange)
– Ceramic support tubes
– Kiln furniture (plates and support)
– Alsint – and Silimantin rings
– Thermocuple (Typ K, S, B, different lenght)
– Bath Thermocuple for Al melting furnace
– Heating plates (WT 1)
– SiC Plates
– SiC Plates ,holder

– Insulating bricks
– Insulating bricks, hard for
– Ceramic fibre board (1260°C and 1430°C)
– Ceramic fibre blanket (1260°C and 1430°C)
– Glue for bricks and fibre
– Alfrax for fixing heating coils on the ceramic tube
– Corner bricks for crucible furnace
– 1/2 hanger (heating element) brick left
– 1/2 hanger (heating element) brick right
– Hanger (heating element) brick center
– 3 level hanger (heating element) brick center
– Tie bolt (Steel 1.4841 or 1.4828
– Charging plate for anneling furnace (steel 1.4841)
– Box (air circulation camber) for low temperature air circulation furnace

– Collar plate (new)
– Collar plate (repair)
– Swing aside lid for crucible furnaces incl. isolation with fibre blanket
– Ceramic fibre blanket for sealing crucible / collar plate
– Crucible stand
– heat resistance sealing cord
– Control panel for existing furnaces
– Furnace modification
– Cast Iron Ring for crucible furnace
– Fire concrete
– New Insulation (Lining) for Furnaces
– Crucible furnaces for melting and holding (Wendeltec Series)
– Frames for different furnace types

Our product line

Industrial furnaces


We offer you a wide array of industrial furnaces. If you have special whishes, just get in contact with us! We realize even very individual furnaces to our own standarts.

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Industrial Furnaces



Supplies and tools are important parts of our product line! Get in contact with us to get all informations about products like charging plates or hardening boxes.

Spare Parts


You are in the need of spare parts? We have the right product line for you! SIC panels, thermocouples, crucibles and support tubes are one part of our inventory for instance.