New Furnaces WT-M Series

Refining furnace Series WT-M 110-13

This furnace has been specially manufactured for Refining samples of precious metals and incineration processes.
Important is that the insulation and heating elements are protected and don´t have any contact with the generated waste gas. This is a typical application for the furnace WT-M 110/13.
The chamber of the furnace is a specially designed ceramic muffle which can be easily replaced. This muffle separated the working camber from the furnace isolation and the heating elements.
This muffle is a wearing part and the operator can change easily from the front of the furnace.
With an integrated Exhaust hood the generated exhaust gas can collect. Collecting fan an tubes are not included.

Technical Data /Short Description
• Tmax 1300 ° C
• Muffle heated from 4 sides
• Heating elements protected by ceramic muffle
• Easy replacement of the muffle possible
• Exhaust hood in stainless steel above the muffle opening for connecting to an waste gas system
• Placement area with 2 piece ceramic plate for placing the furnace charge
• Second placement area with 2 pcs. Ceramic plate mounted below the furnace opening
• Control panel with temperature regulator in the base frame
• optionally base frame equipped with wheels