Laboratory- and melting Furnace Type WT-LS 160/14

High Quality Laboratory- and
melting Furnace Type WT-LS 160/14

Incl. Control System


With the cubic furnace chamber the furnace is ideal for testing, preheating, firing, sintering,
melting out, incineration or drying.

  • Robust housing designed for heavy use area
  • Micro porous bricks and multi-layer insulation for low outside temperature and low energy loss
  • High-quality SiC heating rods
  • Free radiation of the heating elements for longer lifetime and energy saving
  • Protection of the heating elements wit SiC plates
  • Extremely uniformity of temperature in the camber
    − 2-side heating with SiC-heating elements
    − 4-/5-side heating with heating coils on ceramic tubes
  • Lid moving with 2 pneumatic cylinder
  • 6 holes in the furnace collar with ceramic tube protection in the top to connect an exhaust system (customer supply)
  • 6 holes for air supply in the bottom